LUMINATI or WINTR, which is better?

LUMINATI and WINTR common points and differences

LUMINATI is the world-leading proxy service for businesses, it allows you to access any publicly available Internet node with another IP address than yours. WINTR is a bit different but has similar points, it uses datacenter, residential and mobile proxies as well to make sure you can scrape your target from anywhere and without being blocked.


Elite proxy service for businesses.

  • Datacenter & residiential proxies
  • City granulation


Web scraping and parsing service.

  • Flexible API
  • Real time web scraping
  • Headers and cookie retrieval
  • Request customization
  • Javascript rendering
  • Rendering & loading options
  • Cookie injection
  • Datacenter & residiential proxies
  • IP address sessions
  • Custom request geo-location
  • HTML parsing
  • Saved requests
  • Fair pricing