WINTR API request quotas

In addition to Our free plan, We are offering you many ways to use WINTR API. First, We offer you two "pay as you go" plans which consists in buying API credits that are consumed according to your WINTR API usage. We also offer an unlimited custom extraction plan which is a monthly billed annual commitment based on your exact requirements.

Pay as you go

  • scraping a webpage consumes 1 API credit
  • scraping a webpage using a custom geolocation consumes 10 API credits
  • scraping a Javascript rendered webpage consumes 10 API credits
  • using the waitfor parameter consumes 10 API credits
  • using the loadall parameter consumes 5 API credits
  • parsing an HTML result consumes 5 API credits
  • scraping a Javascript rendered webpage, load all it's assets, wait for an element to appear, using a custom geolocation and parsing its HTML consumes 40 API credits

Premium as you go

Save 20% by buying 300€ or more WINTR API credits.

Unlimited custom extraction plan

Get a specific scraping solution structured by web scraping experts without any restriction including 1.500.000 API credits.

All Our offers let you use the full potential of the web scraper with unlimited workers!

For more informations, please take a look at Our pricing table.

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