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Everything you need to know about WINTR API, proxies, web scraping and data parsing.

What is WINTR web scraping and parsing service?

WINTR web scraping and parsing service is a set of tools offered by an application programming interface (API) allowing companies and developers to crawl any web page, retrieve associated HTTP status, headers, the web page HTML content and to parse it in order to get a custom structured data set.

Why do I need to scrape data?

There are many use cases to the WINTR web scraping and parsing service, in order to remain competitive, almost every company takes part in data gathering in some form, they are mostly useful for sales, marketing, finance, operations, strategy, growth and research purposes. For example, an internet based company will need to get data about its market to improve its search engine optimization.

What is a Javascript rendered web page?

Some websites such as single page applications (SPA) are rendering their content using Javascript and often, an asynchronous Javascript and XML technology (AJAX), those web pages can be complicated to get data from because they require human user behaviors, hopefully, WINTR web scraper is using headless browsers in order to succeed in that task.

What is data parsing?

Data parsing is the art of breaking a data block into smaller chunks according some predefined rules. When retrieving data from a web page, you will get the whole HTML content of this one, with data parsing, you can for example split it to get only the page title and description.

What is a custom item extraction?

At WINTR, We are also providing custom data extraction using Our own API, (custom data, with custom labels, in a custom format, etc) We can provide them periodically or through a custom scraping solution. Please check Our custom extraction section and tell Us more about your project to get a quote.

How to crawl a web page?

In order to crawl a web page, you will need to create an account on WINTR website to get an API key, Our free plan allow Us up to 5000 webpages scraping. You will also be able try Our service for free using Our API tester.

How to crawl a Javascript rendered web page?

When it comes to Javascript rendered web pages, you just have to set the "jsrender" parameter to TRUE calling WINTR API, for more informations, please take a look at Our API documentation.

How to parse gathered data?

We offer you a way to completely customize the data you gonna get from scraping by setting the "outputschema" parameter as a JSON object containing keys and values (CSS selectors) you need to retrieve, in addition, there is a possibility to filter that data using Javascript functions, for more informations, please take a look at Our API documentation.

How can I customize a data extraction?

You can customize fetched data by using the "outputschema" parameter of Our API or get in touch with Us for a custom scraping solution by checking this custom extraction section.

What are the WINTR API features?

WINTR API comes with many features that will allow you to fetch any data you might need:

  • Web scraping
  • Javascript rendered web page scraping
  • Captcha bypass system & sessions
  • data parsing
  • request proxying including residential proxies
  • request geolocation customization
  • request referer customization
  • request user-agent customization
  • request headers customization
  • request method customization
  • HTTP authentication
  • custom output setup
  • custom data extraction
  • custom scraping solution

What are the web scraper limitations?

Our service has been made to bypass most of the common restrictions such as IP georestriction, cloaking, captchas. However, It remains a pure text data extractor and the service itself is limited:

  • you cannot download binary files using Our API
  • the crawled file size must not exceed 3 megabytes
  • request timeout is set to 90 seconds and conccurent requests might be limited depending on your subscribed plan
  • We only provide custom geolocation request for those countries > United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland
  • some website might not be scraped if they complain about a WINTR usage abuse

What is the accepted usage of WINTR web scraper?

We do no accept any reselling of the WINTR web scraping and parsing service (partially or entirely) nor any use of Our service that aims to end in misleading purposes or fraudulent activity.

What is the pricing of WINTR web scraper?

WINTR API is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) web scraping and parsing service ever created, We are offering "Pay as you go" and subscription plans that you can see on this pricing page.

What is the WINTR dashboard purpose?

Once your account created, you can sign in to the website and browse your dashboard, it allows you to test the API, create predefined requests (saved requests) that you will be able to execute and override in your program, manage your account informations and security, get and edit your API key, to modify your profile (if you need company invoices for example), download your invoices, check your API usage, manage your subscription and much more.

Can I change my API key?

Yes, once signed in, you can directly renew your WINTR API key in your dashboard.

What should I do if I don't receive my registration confirmation Email?

If you don't receive any email after registrating an account, please check your Email spam folder and, if you still don't find any Email from Us, please use the "Resend confirmation" button or contact Us.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password from any section of this website by clicking "Sign in" and then "Reset password".

What if I have additional questions?

For any other questions or requests you may have, feel free to contact Us anytime.

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