Data analytics or analysis, every company takes part in online data collection to grow

Sales, marketing, finance, operations, strategy, growth, research and many more purposes require market and competition data collection.

Extract, order, analyze and compare scraped data

Collect unstructured data from the worldwide web and create your own datasets to analyze, compare, exploit and add a significant value to your business.

Sales, marketing and finance

Generate leads from targeted web scraping, collect email addresses, phone numbers and social information to reach new customers. Monitor the market value and the competition marketing operations to stay relevant and competitive.

Operations, strategy and growth

Monitor your search engine optimization and the competition rankings and analyze it to find out how to get more organic traffic. Make sure your business is well ranked and featured on social networks.

Optimization, testing and research

Scrape your own solution, check its availability in different countries, test it and fix the eventual problems you might find in the gathered data.

The web contains countless items to crawl and exploit for many more purposes

Stock exchange, ecommerce, reviews, real estate, human resources, travel, airlines, hotels, journalism, social medias, etc.