From a fortune 500 to a small startup, every business must go through data collection to grow!

What is the common point between sales, marketing, finance, operations, strategy, growth, and research? They all require market and competition data collection.

Scrape, parse, save, and take advantage of worldwide web data!

No matter your business activity, if you don't go through data gathering and analyzing, be aware that your competitors do and they will always be one step ahead of you!

Sales, marketing, and finance

Generate leads from targeted data, collect email addresses, phone numbers, and social information to reach new customers. Monitor the market value and the marketing operations of your pairs for your business to stay relevant and competitive.

Operations, strategy, and growth

Monitor your market's most valuable keywords, the search engine result pages, and your business ranking on those essential platforms from different countries to get more organic traffic. Make sure your business is visible and well-featured on social networks.

Optimization, testing, and research

Scrape your own solution, check its availability from different countries, create HTTP uptime robots to reduce the downtime of your website, and monitor it to detect the eventual problems you might find in the gathered data.

Our customers are scraping data at the industrial level!

Stock exchange, ecommerce, reviews, real estate, human resources, travel, airlines, hotels, journalism, social media, etc. If you have a project and you don't know how to realize it, check Our custom extraction section.