A complete proxying, web scraping and parsing solution!

WINTR web scraping and parsing service is including everything you need to extract the desired data and to order it as you want.

Build proxy geolocated requests, scrape a webpage and turn its HTML to an item dataset

WINTR API includes a large pool of residential proxies allowing you to scrape a web page from many countries and without being blocked, it also allows you to customize your HTTP request and embeds an HTML parser to locate the data you look for.

  • Request building

    Build a completely customized HTTP request with custom headers and authentication and save/edit them whenever you want.

  • Request proxying

    Take advantage of Our residential proxies and scrape from a specific country.

  • Javascript rendered scraping

    Make headless browser requests and collect data from modern Javascript rendered websites.

  • Cheerio HTML parsing

    Parse the extracted HTML and create your own custom "key=>value" JSON dataset.

Unlimited web crawling ways

Get any data from the web and turn it into any structure.

  • Residential proxies
  • Header customization
  • Referer customization
  • Useragent customization
  • HTTP authentication
  • Method and body customization
  • Javascript rendering
  • HTML parsing
  • Accurate filtering