Custom extraction solution that fits your business requirements

If you are a Non-Programmer and/or have specific requirements, We also propose dedicated scraping services to provide you with a custom-tailored solution.

Tell Us more about your project and requirements and get a free quote

Contact Us and explain Us what data you need and from which sources, we will then build you a custom scraping solution using WINTR API. This solution can be available to you as a program built by Our developers, a service (for example a dashboard where you can search, refresh, and export data), a periodic dataset delivery (for example a CSV file delivered to you on each hour), or, a set of saved requests and output schemas created by Our team according to your requirements for you to get the data you need in the structure you previously defined with Us. In addition to that, We can offer you an unbeatable scraper uptime by analyzing the availability of your data on each minute and by modifying the code of your scraping solution in the case of a target website HTML structure modification.

Dedicated proxy servers, databases, and headless browser instances are available to you

No one than yourself knows better what you exactly need.

Custom solution

Instead of requesting WINTR API by yourself, you benefit from a dedicated solution for your company and its actors.

Unlimited API credits

You don't have to worry about your API credit consumption, you are billed as you go without being limited.

Tailored item datasets

Tell Us what you need and We will build it for you, provide Us a "key=>value" JSON or CSV example, and get tailored data.

Unbeatable uptime

If your target websites are changing their HTML structure, Our engineers are notified and can edit your scrapers 24/7.