All-in-one web scraping API including rotating proxies and data parsing

The most powerful and complete web scrapers are made with WINTR.

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"info": {
"status": 200,
"method": "GET",
"request_headers": { ... },
"response_headers": { ... },
"charged_apicredits": 1
"content": "html..."


Proxy and CAPTCHA bypass

Our rotating datacenter and residential proxies allow you to easily scrape any webpage from multiple geo-locations, without ever being blocked by CAPTCHAs

Javascript rendered scraping

WINTR API is made for the modern web, enabling you to dynamically scrape Javascript rendered web pages like "Single-Page Applications".

Embedded Cheerio HTML parser

Using our embedded HTML parser, you can extract only the data you need as a JSON object in one single API, instead of scraping raw HTML.

Scrape a webpage from a rotating proxy IP address and parse its HTML in a single API call!

Build awesome, fully-customized web crawlers without having to bother with the data gathering process, and get a JSON response containing the data that fits your needs.

Easy-to-use and extremely flexible

User-friendly and fully-customizable, WINTR comes packaged with a variety of tools for collecting data from even the most complicated of websites. As an example: you can easily scrape the content of a publicly-available webpage using a rotating IP address or automate authentication with Javascript rendering, then scrape private data using session cookies and a persistent IP address.


product: {
name: "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)",
5_stars_rating: 4.8,
usd_price: 54.2,
img: "",
attributes: { ... },
url: ""

Get the data you need as a JSON object

Scraping raw HTML is cool, but also requires you to parse it in order to obtain the data you need. WINTR offers a much more efficient data gathering approach by returning you a JSON object in the response containing structured data. To take advantage of this feature, you just have to define a JSON output schema prior to calling the API.

See an example

Never modify your application code

Rather than call the API directly, WINTR instead allows you to create skeleton requests saved in your dashboard with predefined parameters that your application can call, like this:


You can override any of the request parameters on each call like this:

GET -'')

If you combine our HTML parsing and saved requests features by creating skeleton requests containing output schemas, then in the case of an HTML structure change on the target website, you won’t have to edit your application code to adapt your scraper. Simply sign in to your WINTR dashboard and edit the saved request output schema, and your application will scrape again!

More information
We also offer custom extraction solutions for complex cases and Non-programmers!

Contact Us and tell us more about your project and the data you need to scrape. Get a custom dedicated scraping solution uniquely suited to your needs.